Claire moved from Paris to London after her studies in public health to train in modern jazz. There, she also discovered swing, and embarked on a journey back through the history of jazz dance. With her partner Marcello, she also enjoys challenging the laws of gravity with aerials. Claire started teaching with Swing Patrol London in 2017.

Marcello started lindy-hopping like crazy in London. He is warm and fun, in life and in dancing. His musicality makes him a very expressive and sharp dancer. Marce loves aerials and performed some of his cool moves with Air Patrol. Physicist by day, he started teaching lindy hop with Swing Patrol London in 2017.

Claire and Marcello are a French-Italian explosive duo. They learnt from London’s finest dancers, such as Scott Cupit, Paula Ryan, Steph Kokay, Peter Grange, Patrick O’Brien, etc.