Swingmas Ball

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GET YOUR TICKET NOW: At the door, the cost of the party will be of 15€!

★ Swingmas Ball ★

With live music from the wonderful Dimitris Koutantos band, in a beautiful venue in the historical centre of Leiden, why not make an evening of it? Dress up in your smartest, most debonair finery and join us for a beautiful night of dancing.

★ It’s showtime! ★

Join us for one of the highlights of the year – the night where our students take to the stage. They will get to showcase what they have learned. Get ready for creative and surprising shows!

★ It’s competition time! ★

Have you danced for less than two years? Take part in the beginners Mix and Match competition, and get to show your best moves to your fellow dancers. You will enter the competition individually, and you will be matched with different partners selected randomly.

★ Not a dancer? We have a taster class! ★

If you are coming to support a friend or family member who is performing, or just to check out what this awesome dance is about, don’t worry. There will be plenty of dancing to watch and enjoy, and friendly people to speak with. There will also be a taster class at the beginning of the event to get you to dance!

★ Details ★

Doors Open: 8pm
Taster Class: 8:15pm
Social Dancing with Live Music: 9pm-12:30pm

Location: Grandcafé de Burcht, Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden.