Our policies

Cancellation policy

Some of our venues have a fixed capacity so we close off the spots at a set point. For this reason, cancellations are not transferable or refundable without a week notice as we will probably have turned away other dancers. However, keep in mind that you can always re-sell your ticket to someone else, and let us know who is replacing you. Finally, with each transaction, we pay a small transaction fee to our payment gateway service. Upon reimbursement, we will withhold this small transaction fee. Thanks for understanding. We are pretty friendly and approachable so always call us and hopefully we can assist you!

Guard your valuables

Please note that we ask that you be very aware of where you leave your belongings. Swing Patrol Leiden can’t accept liability for thefts or damages of items such as mobile phones and purses. Don’t leave any valuable items near entrances and always be aware of where your belongings are.

Make sure you are fit to dance and have health insurance

Dancing can get athletic at times, and as for any sport, injuries can occur. Make sure you are fit to dance before attending our classes, events or workshops, and that you have a personal insurance policy. Swing Patrol Leiden does not cover injuries.

Privacy policy, a.k.a. what we do with your data

We use the data you gave us to provide you a better service. For our full privacy policy, click here.