The Artists

Scott Cupit

In 1997, Scott travelled to the USA to spend Christmas with his parents. A 24-hour layover seemed like a perfect excuse for a trip to Disneyland: this is where he saw Lindy Hop for the first time. The dancers moved to the music he had grown up loving – Scott had played the saxophone in church jazz bands and spent years in a Glenn Miller tribute Big Band – and he found it intoxicating. He watched them for hours. Needless to say, Scott Cupit co-founded Swing Patrol in Melbourne in 1998, and moved to Europe in 2009 starting Swing Patrol London. He teaches all over Europe and in 2015 won the UK teacher of the year award.
After the success of the Lindy Weekend with Scott and Arrianne of last July, we are overjoyed to have him back in town! We love this footage of Scott dancing with Jean Veloz.

Arrianne O’Shea

Arrianne O’Shea teaches weekly for Swing Patrol Brighton in the UK. A web developer by day and a talented teacher and dancer, Arrianne has had an incredible swing dancing adventure in recent gigs. As an original and key member of the award winning London troupe Brat Pack, Arrianne has won European titles with her team at events such as Savoy Cup and the European Swing Dance Championships. Arrianne has also performed for Swing Patrol at spectacular events, such as the very special performance at 10 Downing Street. Arrianne has recently been teaching at a range of Lindy Hop weekenders around Europe in Leiden Netherlands, Swing Mazo Spain, and was one of the teachers at the first ever Lindy Hop workshop on the Isle of Man. Arrianne is probably best known for her aerials and teaches aerials regularly in London and Brighton. You won’t find Arrianne on FB, but you will find her often at a Pokemon battle. We are pleased to have Arrianne guest teaching in Leiden again!

Marco Dietz

Marco started dancing at a young age at Rockabilly events across Europe. In 2007 he went to his first Swing event and fell in love with the music, the Lindy Hop and all the other Swing dances e.g. Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, to name a few. Since 2008 he travelled around Europe and abroad to dance whenever there was a chance. In 2011 he brought Swing Patrol to Berlin and teaches since then a lot of local classes and abroad in Europe and the World. Marco adopts the philosophy that dancing should always be full of joy!

Victoria Kreiner

Victoria was born and raised in Buenos Aires where she studied and became an actress. She has always loved to dance, and felt always attracted to everything that has to do with movement. She dug into different disciplines like air acrobatics, modern jazz, contemporary and Tango, until she discovered Lindy Hop at the end of 2013. She fell for it immediately, and she hasn’t stopped dancing ever since. Her favourite swing styles are Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Blues, and one of her favourite moments in a party is when the Rhythm and Blues start to sound. After finishing her studies, she moved to Berlin where she started teaching Lindy hop and Solo Jazz with Swing Patrol Berlin, where she also runs a woman performance troupe. She attends regularly Swing festivals to participate to competitions, and to take classes to keep learning and developing herself as a dancer. Berlin became her performance hometown, where she can express herself through the dance.

Claire Remy

Trained in Jazz dance and Ballet, Claire discovered Lindy hop in London and quickly adapted her dancing to the style and history of swing dance. She also dances collegiate shag and loves aerials. After teaching with Swing Patrol London in early 2017, she co-founded Swing Patrol Leiden in October 2017. Since then, she is dedicated to bringing the joy of the dance. What Claire loves most about swing dancing is the authenticity of the dance, the freedom you have to express yourself, and exchange with others.

Marcello Caio

Physicist by day, Marce moved to London from Milan in 2013 for his PhD, where he was lured into Swing Dancing by Patrick O’Brien, one of the leading players in the European revival of Collegiate Shag. Sure enough, he got the swing fever and never stopped dancing ever since. He started teaching for Swing Patrol London in early 2017, and co-founded Swing Patrol Leiden in October 2017, where he gives regular classes and workshops with Claire Remy. Piano player since childhood, Marce loves to play with rhythms in music. Aerials lover and deeply respectful of Newtonian gravity, he never misses a chance to see how high Claire can go!

Dimitris Koutantos Jazz band

Dimitris has a passion for music and dance since childhood. He took up drum lessons at the age of 10 and since then he never stopped playing. Winning the “big drum bonanza-mms” competition in 2014 sent him to Los Angeles, where Dimitris made the decision to follow a professional path in music. Three years ago he moved to the Netherlands where he is pursuing a bachelor degree at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague. He regularly performs in festivals and jazz clubs in the Netherlands and around Europe. With his band –Marco Bernardi, Tuure Mäkinen, Tamara Baas, Leon Hattori, Alessio Calore– he played in many Swing Patrol Leiden events and will make you dance to your favourite tunes at Leiden Junction.