What's my level?

Level 1

You have started dancing recently. Typically, you have danced weekly for about a year. Maybe you have already been to socials, maybe not. You can dance on slow tempos, but intermediate and faster tempos are still a challenge. You want to extend your library of moves and lead or follow them easily. You want to consolidate your technique and learn some fancy tricks to add some flavour to your dancing.

Solo or Collegiate Shag?

SOLO: 2h of solo jazz class, open level.

COLLEGIATE SHAG: 2h workshop of Collegiate Shag. For this class, you need to know at least the basic footwork and some basic moves. Ideally, you can dance Collegiate Shag socially.

Get your ticket here!

Followers passes have been now closed except for Level 1 with Solo special.
If you are a couple (lead/follow) and would like to join a specific level together, drop us an email at team[at]swingpatrolleiden[dot]com


40.00119.00 inc. BTW