The workshops and parties will take place in a few locations around the town. We suggest you to rent a bike and embrace the Dutch way; the venues are within 10 minutes bike of each other. Walking takes a bit longer but it is doable.


All four levels of workshops will take place in two gyms in Leiden.

  • The first is the Gymzaal Molensteeg, in central Leiden (Molensteeg 13, Leiden). This video will show you how to get to the gym from the road.
  • The second is Gymzaal Opaalstraat. The entrance is shown in this photo.



The parties will also take place in two different venues.

  • The Friday party will take place in the Tuinzaal of Grand Café De Burcht, in central Leiden.
  • The Saturday party will be at the Sport Café at the University Sports Centre, Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC  Leiden.


One map to rule them all

If you want, you can save this map on your google account. We have included the venues of the parties🍸 and of the workshops 🏃‍♂️.