A weekend of Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, and Parties with Live Music.

In March 2019, Swing Patrol Leiden is inviting its big brothers Swing Patrol London and Berlin to bring you an inspiring weekend of workshops and parties.

Registrations open in



Scott Cupit

Arrianne O’Shea

Marco Diez

Victoria Kreiner

Claire Remy

Marcello Caio

What's my level?

Level 1

You have started dancing recently. Typically, you have danced weekly for about a year. Maybe you have already been to socials, maybe not. You can dance on slow tempos, but intermediate and faster tempos are still a challenge. You want to extend your library of moves and lead or follow them easily. You want to consolidate your technique and learn some fancy tricks to add some flavour to your dancing.